Hello World!

It is currently 12:31 am and I am lying in bed next to my beautiful husband writing my first post for my new blog! And it is probably going to turn into and about me (am I to basic or what?!). Speaking of basics, let’s get back to them:

  • My name is Jessica (my family calls me Jay)
  • I am from Miami
  • I’m twenty-four years’ old
  • I am a wife to a gorgeous hardworking man who has my heart
  • I am a Marketing major
  • I love to invest money……into my closet…….where I can see it! (SJP Fans where you at?!)
  • I can read quotes forever……FOREVER.
  • Failure scares me
  • I believe that there is always room for improvement
  • I rather not do something if I am not going to do it right (#perfectionist)
  • I love giving gifts! (It’s one of my favorite things ever)
  • I have always enjoyed writing but have lost touch with it the past couple of years and am now hoping to reconnect
  • Knowing that time is constantly passing makes me anxious (like growing older you know?)
So what will my blog be about you ask? I want to share everything! I love fashion, I love LOVE, and I love LIFE! I want to share experiences, thoughts, looks, ideas, outings, and things that I would want to read from other bloggers. I’m excited to share and have those who are reading share back with me. I hope this can become my creative outlet and playground! I will be posting regularly and already have some ideas planned. I hope you come read along and share your thoughts and opinions with me! Feel free to ask questions and leave comments, let me know about YOU, yeah YOU the one reading this! Leave me a comment below and let me know if we have something in common. Until then, I welcome you to my new blog!

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