Spring Casuals

There are two types of casual, well at least to me there is ! Whenever a friend wants to hangout the first thing I ask is, “what should I wear?” And every time they answer “something casual” I immediately reply with “wait, like casual casual, or nice casual?”. Some of you may agree and others may not but to me there is a park day kind of casual and a Sunday stroll kind of casual! I know, I know a bit excessive right? It’s ok welcome to my life! I’m Jessica a twenty three year old married college student studying marketing. For a long time now I have been debating on starting a blog or a YouTube channel and the fear of what others thought, or would think, froze me at my core. I would scroll through many lifestyle and fashion blogs and feeds and think “I love how people do this and express their personalities and creativeness and share it with the world through the Internet, why can’t I do this?”. I would spend hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos and constantly catch myself thinking “I would love to do that” and after much thought I realized, “hey, I CAN do this!” I was doubting my self because of the fear of what others would think,  or if others would like my style and yada yada. I came to the realization that I love my style and I feel confident in what I wear and if others don’t like it that’s alright, but that shouldn’t stop me (or anyone) from sharing what I love and doing something I’ve been curious to do for a while now. So here I am, many months later deciding to start my blog. Welcome to Jessica Jay ! This is my second post, and I will be posting regularly on whatever it maybe that I am currently loving, whether it be a pair of shoes, or an outfit idea, and other lifestyle topics as well. I hope this page can inspire others to share their style and thoughts in a positive way! Life is beautiful and too short to care too much of what others think! So I invite you to join me in this new beginning and share your thoughts, styles, and ideas with me! This week I decided to share my two types of “casual”. I love having options when it comes to clothing! Below are two outfit ideas for a casual day.

Casual Park Day….


Here in Miami there is no such thing as spring, it is full on summer almost all year around! I put this outfit together thinking of a nice day at the park. Something comfortable, cute, and light. I am really into pastels, grays, nudes and olive toned pieces of clothing this season. When paired together it gives such a clean and fresh look which is perfect for hot summer days! Not to mention that crop tops are all the rage right now!

Photos by: Deve B
Photos by: Deve B
Photos by: Deve B

Top: Forever 21

Shorts: Forever 21

Necklace: Macy’s (I could not find the same one but I have linked a similar one)

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Purse: Micheal Kors 

Casual Lunch Date….

Ahhh I don’t think there is anything that I love more than lunch dates, specially in spring and summer. You get to sit outside and enjoy the weather while having yummy food! That is exactly what I was thinking while putting this outfit together. My favorite thing about this whole outfit is the color scheme, I LOVE it! I recently purchased these white distressed jeans and have been obsessed with them! They go perfectly with everything! And they are so light and comfortable which is perfect for the warm weather. I paired it with a simple nude top to give it a clean and put together feel and a pair of nude lace up heels. These heels you guys…..are amazing. The they are not only BEAUTIFUL, but they are comfortable to walk in for hours! This outfit is one of my favorites! It is so simple and made up of basics everyone has. It can also be dressed up if you change the top to an off the shoulder or halter!  Quick, easy, comfortable and perfect for any lunch date. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know some of your spring casuals, I’d love to see other styles! Have a great day! – Jay

Photos by: Deve B
Photos by: Deve B
Photos by: Deve B

Top: NY&Co (couldn’t find the same one but found a similar one)

Bottoms: Nordstrom

Shoes: BCBGeneration

Purse: Michael Kors 

Photography by: Deve B (Miami Based Photographer – Instagram/Twitter: @Deve_b – Facebook: Dev’s Devine Photography)


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