Anniversary Photoshoot | Vlog

With wedding season in full swing, I wanted to share some of the pictures my husband and I took on our one year anniversary shoot. Now, this would also be a good idea for a pre-wedding shoot if you’d like to showcase pictures of the both of you in the reception hall or any other wedding day area.  Two months before our anniversary I sat down with a good friend, and talented photographer, Dev. I explained to her what I envisioned and we planned it out. I vlogged the experience and have it linked down below. I knew that I wanted to use my wedding dress again — the idea of it hanging in my closet for almost a year haunted me! I also knew that I wanted the pictures to be in a very earthy and green location, that way we could solely use sunlight. We found a beautiful park right in Coral Gables and started of with the casual outfits and then moved to the wedding day attire. We did not want to recreate our wedding day looks but instead give it a more casual look. We also wanted to add a couple of cute props, so we decided on cookies and milk since it was out wedding favor for guests. The pictures came out stunning and exactly how I envisioned it. I hope you guys like it and I hope it sparks some creative ideas for anyone looking into anniversary or wedding pictures. – Jay


Photography by: Deve H  |  Twitter: @theoriginaldeve  |  Instagram: @deve.h

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