LBO | Little Black Outfit

Hi guys! Here is my summer LBO: little black outfit. This  is definitely a change of pace! Lately I have been completely into light colors: nudes, pastels, muted and olive tones. However this outfit is the complete opposite, all black! Black is perfect for any occasion, and while summer is filled with fun and bright colors, I think it’s nice to do something a bit out of the ordinary. I also wanted to, again, share with you this bag and these sandals, which I wrote about in my June favorites, and which I can truthfully say have been used almost every single day since I purchased them. This bag is HUGE and fits literally everything  I need on a daily basis. The final touch were these sandals, they are cute, easy, and go with a ton of different looks. Like always all the details are linked below. – Jay

Top: Forever 21Forever 21

Bag:  DSW

Shoes: DSW

Photography by: Deve H. Instagram: @deve.h

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