Experiencing Aveda!

The Aveda Experience

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! A week ago I was invited to the Aveda store in Aventura Mall to have a go at the Aveda Experience, and today I am here to share all the details and my opinion on this experience. *Side Note* I was able to come home with a couple of products, some of which I did purchase myself, in order to test out, however since I have only been using those products for a little bit over a week I will make a separate post on the products and how they worked for me so make sure to stay tuned!

To start off I would like to thank Selly Feliz and her wonderful team, Melissa and April, at the Aveda Store in Aventura Mall for the welcoming and knowledgeable visit! It was a great day and I can’t wait to go back and try some more products! Alright! Now to the visit! I had never been to Aventura Mall before but let me tell you, this will not be the last time! The mall was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and had plenty of department and high-end stores that could keep a girl there for hours.  Upon arriving to Aveda I was greeted by the store manager and skin care specialist, Selly, and offered a cup of tea, which they continuously offer you while you’re there. The store had a soothing spa like scent and natural earthy feel which set the perfect zen-like mood that correlated with their mission statement and natural products.  The first thing we did was sit down and go over my skin type, my skin care regimen, and any problem areas I have concerns with and would like to address in order for to give her a insight on my skin type.

We then continued to the 20 minute facial in which she removed my make up, applied a mask, massaged my hands, applied a toner, and moisturizer, and ended the skin care session with some aromatherapy essential oils breathing exercises which gave it a perfect  spa-like feeling. This was my favorite session of the three that I was offered, even though there were customers in the store in my mind it was quiet and relaxing.


After the facial I was then walked to the front of the store where I was introduced to the hair care specialist, Melissa. As with the skin care, Melissa began asking me about my hair what I use, what I notice in my hair, and if I have any issues with my hair that I would like to focus on.



Then she tested the strength, elasticity, and dryness of my hair, and lastly before applying a few products to my hair she wanted to take a few pictures of my scalp to see if I had any issues there. Below you can see the tiny device she used which captures extremely close-up images of the roots of your hair (crazy right?!) in order to see if you have dryness of any other issues on your scalp.



Since I told her that I wear my hair very simply on a daily basis she went ahead and only applied a bit of oil to ends and hair spray to give me some (much needed) volume which I can never seem to obtain with my straight hair. The hair spray did give me a little volume at first and I did like it, but if I am being honest, after a couple of hours it did the same thing every hairspray does to my hair, it ended up weighing it down and making it feel dirty. On the other hand I have been using the beautifying oil on a daily basis on the tips of my hair and I have been really liking it so far! My hair absorbs it quickly and it doesn’t feel greasy afterwards, which is the issue I’ve had with other hair oils that I have used before.



The third and final session was the make up touch up. I was walked over to their make-up artist April who asked me what products I use on a daily basis and if there were any areas I particularly pay more attention on when applying make-up. She then did a simple everyday look in which she used a mineral tinted moisturizer, a mineral blush and bronzer, concealer, and mascara, lip balm and lipstick. My favorites from all the products used were the blush, concealer, and tinted moisturizer.


Later on my way home I checked my make-up and was so surprised with the tinted moisturizer, it gave me such a beautiful sun kissed glow and looked so natural and was not tacky or cakey, and the concealer did not crease! Which was a shocker because it wasn’t set with any powder.


I loved  all the products that were used on my skin and above all I loved the attention to detail they provided, not only to me, but to all their customers. The team took their time to carefully understand my needs and concerns as well as explain each product they used, its purposes, and possible outcomes upon usage. The experience was great! It was like a mini pamper session which I would recommend to anyone who is on the hunt for a more natural line of skin care, hair care, and make-up products. They currently have this pamper session free of charge for any customer at the Aventura Mall location.


P.S: This is not only for my ladies! They also have a great line of men hair care and skin care products, so to all my guys, make sure to check out Aveda at the Aventura Mall as well. IMG_1503

Products Used In Store

Products & Samples Brought Home


In the weeks to come I will create another post reviewing these specific products and if/how they have worked for me. Make sure to stay tuned!


Once again thank you to Selly and Aveda Aventura for the wonderful opportunity to come experience Aveda and it’s products. – Jay

Location: SPC 495, Aventura Mall, 19575 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33180

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  1. I LOVE AVEDA!! So happy you enjoyed your experience Jessica! Can’t wait to see you again. I will be following up with you again soon. Can’t wait to hear your feedback on the products!

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