A BIG Thank You & Welcome!

Hi guys! It feels so good to be posting this! Happy 1st of the month – it happens to be my favorite month btw! And speaking of months, eight months ago I posted “Hello World!” which was my first post EVER on the Jessica Jay. I remember it was such an exciting moment when I clicked on the publish button for the first time. I can honestly still say I LOVE clicking that button every time I have something new for you guys! It has been so much fun creating, sharing, and improving this site, it has served as a personal outlet these past eight months. When 2017 came around I went ahead and set my goals for this year. I set goals for everything; school, spiritual, marital, financial, personal, everything, including this blog too. I knew that this year I wanted to 1. post more (still working on it) and 2. improve the quality of my post. Over all, I wanted to bring it to the next level this year. That is why…*drum roll please*…I now have launched a corresponding YouTube channel for this blog! Like all things in life it took longer to execute than what I planned, but nonetheless it is now up and at ’em! Down below is the first video on this channel and it serves two purposes: 1. a welcome video to those of you who are new visitors – I welcome you! and 2. a HUGE thank you to all of you who have subscribed and followed me up until this point. I am excited for this new step forward in improving this blog and I hope you all will enjoy the content I have planned for the future. I plan on including videos within blog posts as much as possible. I will continue sharing hauls, favorites, outfit ideas and much more! I hope you guys will continue to follow and share with me for many posts to come. Once again THANK YOU and Welcome to TheJessicaJay.com – Xoxo Jay

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